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Mistakes to Avoid when Making a Personal Injury Claim
29 Legal Defenses used by Insurance Companies to Defeat your Claim
Signs and Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury

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29 Legal Defenses Used by Insurance Companies to Defeat Your Claim

The attorneys at The Zydron Law Firm, P.L.L.C. are committed to assisting you with protecting your legal rights. Please review these common mistakes which we have seen in dozens of cases through the years.
  1. You had equipment defects in your vehicle: your tires were bald, your brakes were not working, taillights were not working, turn signals not working.

  2. Your driving ability and perception were impaired by the use of alcohol, medication or drugs; or you have a hearing or vision defect and weren't wearing eyeglasses or your hearing aid.

  3. You have physical defects such as headaches, epilepsy, or other sickness which impaired your driving ability and perception.

  4. You didn't notice the wrongdoer until impact or immediately before impact, and therefore, you were not attentive.

  5. Your recollection of times, speeds, distances is so inaccurate as to indicate inattentiveness or incompetence in driving and at the very least diminishes your credibility.

  6. You have exaggerated the wrongdoer's speed or other facts surrounding the accident so as to diminish your credibility and make you an unreliable or unbelievable witness.

  7. You could have avoided the accident if you had not been exceeding the safe speed for the conditions presented, or otherwise, you could have avoided the accident if you had been paying attention.

  8. You made an unnecessary or unexpected stop. You made an unsafe lane change without warning. You gave no stop or turn signal. You were not in the intersection first.

  9. You make a poor appearance as a witness and/or you have verbal difficulty describing events surrounding the accident.

  10. The wrongdoer is a "reasonable person" in the operation of his/her vehicle, including safe speed for the conditions, and therefore was not negligent; that is the wrongdoer's conduct was not the cause of the accident.

  11. An act of God or unknown person was responsible for the accident, not the wrongdoer.

  12. There is no independent witness to substantiate your version of the accident or a witness cannot be found.

  13. A witness or witnesses dispute your version of the facts or substantiate the wrongdoer's version.

  14. You made no complaint of pain at the scene of the accident or to anyone else following the accident and there was no indication on the police crash report that you were complaining of pain at the scene. There was no request by you for an ambulance and no objective signs of injury at the scene of the accident.

  15. There is minimal property damage to either or both of the vehicles involved. Your vehicle was equipped with shock-absorbing bumpers, head rests, and seatbelts which made a low-impact injury improbable.

  16. You received no treatment for a substantial period of time following the accident. When you did present to a physician, you made errors in recalling your medical history and the facts of the accident.

  17. There is no medical opinion substantiating medical causation between the accident and your medical complaints.

  18. Shortly after the accident, your physical condition returned to its baseline. That is, what it was immediately prior to the accident.

  19. You have prior complaints and received prior treatment to the same areas of your body allegedly injured in the accident, and your complaints after the accident are really the same as they were before the accident.

  20. You have had a subsequent injury which was the cause of your continual problems instead of the accident.

  21. You have exaggerated your complaints related to the accident.

  22. Your injuries are totally "subjective," that is there is no indication of injury from x-rays, orthopaedic tests, or observation.

  23. You have unrelated medical problems such as arthritis or problems from birth.

  24. The cost of treatment was excessive and the period in which you were treated and recovered was excessive.

  25. No doctor has stated that you would lose time from work.

  26. You were paid by cash for your prior employment and cannot document your earnings and/or you have no tax returns.

  27. There are various "statutes of limitations" that can run out, foreclosing your possibility of recovering for anything on your claim.

  28. You were partially at fault in the accident.

  29. You made a statement to the insurance company that you were not injured in the accident. And.....there are hundreds more!

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