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School bus collides with stopped limo, causing injury

$1,500,000 settlement

Attorneys for plaintiff (and city): John E. Zydron and Michael J. Woods, Chesapeake

Description of case: A school bus driver was in route to school to pick up children and return them home. While traveling 37mph, according to the bus GPS, she was near the peak of the bridge approaching a limo that had come to a stop due to traffic.

The bus driver was looking at a rain cloud in the sky when the bus rammed the limo with such impact that the nuts and bolts holding a captain’s chair to the frame were sheared off, releasing the chair from the frame. The radio in the dash was ejected out of the dash onto the front seat. The limo driver and three passengers were all injured.

The plaintiff herein was a 68-year-old female who had retired. Her neck was broken. She was transported to the emergency room where she had immediate surgery. This surgery was not successful. The plaintiff underwent a second surgery the following week with favorable results.

The plaintiff was affected emotionally, psychologically and medically. Several family members, businessmen and friends testified at the mediation as “before and after” witnesses.

The plaintiff has made a remarkable recovery. John E. Zydron, counsel for the plaintiff, provided case information. [022-T-094]

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