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Settlement negotiated for injured Patriot Guard rider

$1,247,144 Settlement 

Plaintiff, a 63-year-old Portsmouth resident and member of the Patriot Guard Motorcycle Association, was on a mission to attend a funeral for a fallen veteran when the defendant, driving an F-250 Ford pickup truck, crossed the double yellow lines and struck the left front of the plaintiff’s Harley Davidson. 

Plaintiff was admitted to the hospital with the following diagnosis: 
multiple left rib fractures; left grade two renal laceration; 
left adrenal hematoma; left colonic hematoma; 
small left retroperi-toneal hematoma; left closed distal severely comminuted femur fracture; 
right elbow fracture dislocation; right distal radius fracture; 
left 2nd metatarsal fracture and 3rd and 4th proximal phalanx fractures; 
left distal phalanx fracture of the great toe; 
non-insulin dependent diabetes; hemorrhagic shock; 
and renal insufficiency. 

ZYDRON Plaintiff was treated from Dec. 20, 2011, until November 2012. Medical specials totaled $201,188.52, together with a life care plan of $116,759.87. 

Plaintiff has recovered with some disabilities and returned to part-time work. 

The case resolved via negotiated settlement.[13-T-095]

Settlement negotiated for injured Patriot Guard rider

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